S7G Workshop Edition

S7G Workshop


The S7G Workshop is a world leading engine carbon cleaning machine. It is designed from top to bottom to be the most reliable, sturdy and usable system possible. The CAD designed chassis enables high volumes of air flow keeping the Hydrogen tank cool even when in use for over 8 hours. An ideal addition to any workshop and will clean engines from 25cc to over 12 litre.



Features of the S7G include a multi plate hydrogen tank with 500psi seals to enable high pressure output. The case comes with an hour meter and pressure gauge as well as a side drawer for your accessories and extras. On the front is an AMP meter for measuring electrolysys allowing the user the ability to visually measure hydrogen output. 



The S7G is ideal as an addition to any workshop or garage. It gives the ability to clean engines both quickly and with minimal effort, you simply place the feed pipe into the engine's air intake line and turn it on whilst the engine sits at idle RPM. An average clean is less than 1 hour and you are free to continue with other work whilst the S7G does its job.

What can it clean ?


The S7G can clean the entire intake and exhaust system including the air intake tract, valves, valve seats, swirl flaps, EGR filters, catalytic converters, DPF's and manifolds. The chemical reaction of hydrogen on carbon is to break it down and fracture the surface and then as the vehicle is drive, those fractures parts are forced through the exhaust system in the form of fine dust.