About Us


The Team

Hydrogen Engine Clean is made up of 5 individuals who share a common background of having worked within the automotive sector for a number of years but in very different areas. 

  • Natalie is a business manager with a strong leadership quality. She brings quality, production and process control to the table and make sure that the technicians are kept in order.
  • Steve is a CAD tech who takes the ideas of the technicians and turns them into a reality. He turns paper drawings into working machines.
  • Dave is an electronics genius who designs the boards that make all of our machines work so well.
  • Grant is a product tester and layout specialist who leads the development of our machines and makes sure that designs and specifications work together and requests by clients are brought to reality.
  • James is a student who has completed 6 years of apprenticeship with Harley Davidson. He brings both youth and excitement to the mix.


The Workshop

In the heart of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England is our workshop facility. We have the capability to not only design, but test review, sample and build the finest Hydrogen machines on the market. We have 5 sections to the facility, electronics, CAD, sampling, build and packing. 



We offer several components within our business and these include;

  • Technical support
  • Q&A
  • Bespoke development
  • White labelling 
  • Aftersales
  • Marketing assistance
  • Servicing