Mk2 Range

S5G-Mk2 Mobile


S5G-Mk2 is our 2019 upgrade incorperating a thicker tank and 32amp power supply allowing for superior flow rates. We have also added a pulse flow system which improves DPF cleaning by upto 25% making it the best mobile machine available on the market today.

If you are looking for a mobile system with amazing cleaning capacity the S5G-Mk2 is it.

S7G-Mk2 Workshop


S7G-Mk2 is our 2019 upgrade to the already market leading S7G-Mk1 workshop HHO cleaner. Having sold over 800 of these machines as of July 2019 we decided the time was right for an upgrade and so the Mk2 was born incorperating a thicker main tank, a 48amp power supply and pulse drive system allowing for class leading DPF cleaning. 

Custom Development


We are committed to working with clients to develop "White Label" HHO machines which will enable companies and corporates the ability to brand their own machines without the associated development costs. We can design and develop to your requirements.

Email us for further details

Mk1 Range

S5G-Mk1 Mobile


With over 1200 unit sales globally the Mk1 S5G is the world's leading mobile carbon cleaning system and has been the "go too" system of choice for garages, mobile cleaners and workshops since 2014. The S5G has a proven track record with its no gimmicks, no fuss approach to carbon engine cleaning.

S7G-Mk1 Workshop


The S7G was introduced in June 2016 with the aim of bringing to market a solid workhorse for your workshop or garage. It quickly became the top seller in the marketplace with over 800 unit sales and with its solid design and build it has proven to be a market leading machine that cleans time after time.

Electrolyte & Plate Cleaner


In 2017 we decided to consult with a specialist chemist to produce a class leading electrolyte allowing for high purity hydrogen production. Our aim has been proven time and time again with global sales of over 17,000 units and growing. Our electrolyte works, you simply wont find better.

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